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Pilfernators - Grassclippings


Release code: ACE005
Release date: 5 Feb 2000
Format: CD+MP3
Cover Art:


* MP3 files are 320kb. CD includes instant MP3 download.

Elefant Traks release the full-length breakbeat album of Sydney's notorious Pilfernators.

Grassclippings features 13 tracks totaling 74 minutes of Sydney's finest crewcut breakcore. Their music has been described as being stuck in a train with a swarm of bees stinging you in-time.

Over the past year, the Pilfernators have gathered a strong following through their live sets throughout Sydney and Newcastle including performances at events such as electrofringe 99 and Freaky Loops 99. They have released their own vinyl album through Morph Records that has got rave reviews and sold-out throughout Europe within 3 weeks.

The CD was launched at the Hopetoun Hotel on Sunday 27th Feburary, 2000. Other acts performing at the launch included a scratch hiphop set by Mark N (Bloody Fist), a rare Sydney performance from Syndicate, and the drumnbass extraodinare Sulo.

The Pilfernators comprise of Michell Davies, Chris Noel, and Matt Cashman who were three young greenkeepers who found that they had a common passion for sampling ride-on lawnmowers. Their music is written entirely using tracking programs on PC and old Amiga computers.


1 (real mod)
2 war break
3 Static dislocation
4 hard oz bush
5 crazd acid
6 mull
7 pranksta
8 War Break (morph remix)
9 triangles
10 bum n' face
11 idyll Nonsence
12 krungle
13 hopetown

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