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The Tongue

The Tongue is widely regarded as one of the country’s most imaginative MCs—with a natural charisma that sets him apart from the horde of anonymous rappers vying for your attention.

A clear talent driven by a great imagination; he has defied the heavy testosterone of the MC battles where he began and subsequently outgrew; he has held a capacity audience at The Sydney Opera House in the palm of his hand as he recited Dr Seuss; he has toured nationally on many occasions to sell-out crowds. He has performed at The Big Day Out, Come Together, Sprung Hip Hop Festival, Peats Ridge & Sydney Festival and supported the likes of Public Enemy, Dizzie Rascal, Drapht, Mac Miller and The Herd.

The Tongue quickly connected with a national audience with radio hits 'The Punch' and 'Bad Education', taken from his first EP of the same name.

Shock & Awe, his ambitious debut album cemented his place in the local hip hop landscape with hits such as 'Real Thing'.

His second album, Alternative Energy saw a more progressive and mature approach, with favourites 'The Show' and 'Crazy' featuring heavily on radio. The record was feature album on both FBi and 2SER, and named Album Of The Week by Drum Media and The Brag.

His third album, Surrender To Victory is his most accomplished to date. It sees The Tongue coming into his own as artist and collaborator, articulating a positive vision beyond the confines of modern Australian hip hop. The record is produced entirely by the incredibly talented Cam Bluff, one of local hip hop’s most exciting producers. It's been heralded by critics for being a triumph of The Tongue's vision - a uniquely positive and engaging listen.

Between records the ever-prolific The Tongue has released three infectious and wildly diverse mixtapes in the Redux, The Tongue Is Dead and the Sextape.

What the media have been saying about Surrender To Victory:

"Here is a record that would change the mind of any naysayer of the Australian hip hop scene; equal parts thoughtful musing and raise-your-glass party anthems filled with some of the freshest beats you'll come across in 2013"

"Surrender To Victory is a triumph of The Tongue’s vision..."

"Unique, focused and engaging, this record deserves to be heard"

"Surrender To Victory is best described as a celebration, with tracks like Champion Sound, Moments Like This, Top score and Just You Wait pouring with positivity and good vibes". SLEEPLESS FOR SOUND

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Stoked to announce I'm playing my fav NYE festival in Aus...Peats Ridge 2012 baby!

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"Keep extra clips for extra shit"

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Here's a hint: they are doing it everywhere. St Peters, The Blue Mountains, The Great Barrier Reef, everywhere.

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If you don't know what "coal seam gas" or "fracking" is....type it into google right now. Then look up where they are doing it in Aus.

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Instead of spending all your money on booze this weekend, take em out to a nice restaurant or something...

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When was the last time you did something nice for your parents?

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Shouts to @Drakezilla ...champion

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Daylight savings...night time spendings

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